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The Queen’s Bouncer


This for the little Princess in the house who need that extra touch just for her party. This jumper has a basketball hoop on the inside and outside , what a treat for you little girl’s party. 13x13ft

$120.00 plus Tax and Delivery

Rental is All Day All Night!

The Kingdom Bouncer



Red, Yellow, Blue 13x13ft bouncer Great for All Age’s Made for Boys and Girls!

$120.00 plus Tax and Delivery

Rental is All Day All Night!

Mr. O. Combo Wet/Dry Slide



Mr. Octopus is a fun and colorful space of excitement, watch your kids eye’s light up when they see this Giant Inflatable.
Great for Boy and Girl All Age’s. 13x20ft

$200.00 plus Tax and Delivery

Rental is All Day All Night!

30ft Slip N Slide

An amazing amount of fun, unlike the slip n slide we had as a kid… You may remember the paper thin piece of plastic you laid on the ground which was hard to stay moist. With ours, you get a 30ft tunnel wet water fast action. So run, slide and try to see if you make it to the end and hit the big stopper wall! Keep the kids and adults entertained for hours.

30ft long 8ft high 8 ft. wide age’s 5 years and up!

$200.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

The Little Dragon

10ft Water Slide

Based off an old Chinese children story, it was told to kids since the 9th century. It was about a little fish determined to Jump over a tall gate. The waterslide is a 10ft tall 16ft long 6ft wide unit. The kids climb up from the back wall to come crashing down in a pool of cool water. 4 years and up!

Wet Slide $150.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

16ft Tropical Water Slide with Splash Down Pool

When you see this slide it make’s you think of hot summer fun on the beach… You can almost feel the sand in between your toes, as the waves are crashing down. Well, if you don’t have the time for the long drive to the beach, this may be your ticket to slippery wet summer fun. 16ft Tall 22ft Long 12ft Wide with Splash Down Pool… Can use wet or dry with out the pool, so that you can slide into a full size pool or the Lake!

Starting at $240.00 plus Tax and Delivery!