Giant Texas Snow Dome


The Giant Texas Snow Dome 20 x 20 ft Imaging a whole space or a room full of snow to play in Texas Not Happening Right! Wrong now very possible The Train Quest has found a way to make it snow in Texas.The snow dome has safe no slip carpet to help stop injury over 300 to 500 Gallons of none toxic fake snow cool to the touch. Feels and plays like the real thing, also we can have it snow in the dome to make it more realistic. During our hotter month's as an opinewe can include a large conditioning system to help keep cool for play. All Ages This The Only Thing Like This In The World. For More info/Booking Please call us at (512) 971-2664

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Snow Globe Photo Booth

A stunning new concept for your winter events and Christmas also New Year Eve's Parties. Other ideas you can use our photo booth for is for proms and weddings etc. Out giant snow globe is setup by our staff member and also photos taken by our photographer. We can..... give you or your company a branded snow dome to help promote your company or products. Our snow globes are provided with fluffy magic snow. The snow globe can be combined with a range of other photography services to provide a complete package for your event!

Starting with photographer $1100.00 up to 300 pictures and printing services.

Without photographer $550.00*

*Example: You can have your guest take photos with their own cell phones.

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Ice Attack

We designed a custom interactive light chase inflatable game! It's an exciting 1-2 player game. This inflatable will challenge your hand-eye coordination, endurance and strength. Great for 5 years and up! Call For Pricing!


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Candy Land Obstacle Course

A giant fun obstacle course with beautiful and colorful stripes that remind you of candy. Watch your kids run thru the tunnel, oh watch out! Don't hit the long pop-up candy sticks.... Climb up the 17ft wall to slide down and race then to race to the front and start over again and again.... 5 years and up!

$400.00 plus Tax and Delivery!


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Giant Red Sofa


This is a site to see.. A great Photo opp used for the Holiday Party at the office or Schools and Churches. It comes with 2 Christmas Trees 6ft Sofa 8ft x 11ft x 6ft. $550.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Inflatable Santa Chair



Photo opportunity inflatable chair for events and parties.

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The Snow Mountain


This inflatable snow mountain slide is made for adults and children. It is perfect for simulating a slide down a snow covered mountain when winter conditions are not available. This is a massive attraction and riders board a snow tube for the ride to the bottom of the slide. It is a high throughput piece and is the only one in the United States. It has tremendous WOW factor and for many sliders, it is the only time they will ever have a chance to experience a snow tube. You simply climb up the stairs, sit in your inflatable snow tube and down you come spinning and twisting. Also as you are sliding down you see a stream of colorful light of magic as you are racing down the snow slide just to land into a pile of snow. This slide can be use during the summer as a fun wet waterslide just as well... instead of a pile of snow you splash down into pool of water! This Mountain is 3 story's tall making it one of the tallest slides in America. Age 5 and up!!! We are now Booking... Call for pricing...

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18ft Snow Resort Slide with Pool "Features Customization Slide"

Cooling off your hot summer with our 18' Snow Resort Single Lane Wet/Dry slide. Ultimate combination of wall climbing and slide with splash pool that creates endless summer or Winter fun. It also can be used as a dry slide at whenever. Front load design is easily to monitoring of riders and above overhead net to prevent jumping from the top and slide down with a safety bumper wall at the pool end. It is spark of light in any backyard or event to make eyes catching addition and bring excitement to every child in summer party. Riders climb up slide down the single lane slide down to the pool at the end to provide for an extra splash of fun.To satisfy everyone comes together and enjoying their joyful time combination of all funs and more. The Slide can also be use during the winter months for Holiday Parties and Events with the pool filled with Snow! Dimension: 27'L X 12.5'W X 18'H Ages 3 and up!

Customize Your Slide to your Event


Wet APRL TO SEPT. $295.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

With Fake Snow in the Pool for Winter and Holiday Event/Parties CALL FOR PRICING!

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Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift or Valentine's Day Gift your pick or a surprise party. Big Red Bow and Ribbons make a delightful Gift. $250.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Holiday Bouncers

halloween bouncer

We have most holiday Moonwalks, please let our staff know what you are planning and will do are best to help make your party or event great!
(13ft x 13ft 15ft)
$150.00 plus Tax and Delivery
All Day All Night Rental!

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Snow Man Bouncer

Towering Winter or Holiday themed Bouncer for ages 5 and up. Features LED Lights and Bluetooth Speaker.

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Santa Sumu with Soft Mat

santa 2

Once again an exclusive Train Quest concept, OK THREE WORDS...."Santa Sumo Suits" Also you have a mat for soft landing. Great for the Holidays or Have a Christmas in July party/event.. 12 years and up! Call for Pricing.

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Snow Field 20x20ft


A large "Snow Field" with Artificial Snow Great for Holiday and Winter Event/Parties. To See the kids lose there mind over a snow party is blast to see their faces. 20ft x 20ft Area full of Snow.

4 years and up! Call For Pricing!

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Snow Machine (Fake Snow)

Kids love the snow; let us snow your day with a full-powered snow machine. It is a very impressive simulated snowflake output hand held unit, made for more control for your snow output.

$120.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Professional Grade Snow Machine


This Large Snow Machine is an enhanced version of Smaller Unit we offer but with a large capacity plus ?Silent? operation housed in a durable road case with wheels and features a 5.2 gallon (20 Liter) capacity fluid tank, a 65.6 foot (20 meter) long air hose for easy rigging on a stand or truss, and adjustable wind volume and flow rates. The road case features a small access door for the air hose so can the case can closed when in use for "Silent" operation. Great for Large Event and Snow Party!

Call For Pricing!

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