Water Slides

Mr. O. Combo Wet/Dry Slide


Mr. Octopus is a fun and colorful space of excitement, watch your kids eye's light up when they see this Giant Inflatable. Great for Boy and Girl All Age's. 13x20ft

$200.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!

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Kingdom Combo with Pool WET or Dry!


Vibrant colors, open/ airy feel, The Just Right - Slide compliment the Kingdom Combo . This full size bounce house has interior basketball hoop plus pop-up and ladder which leads to the slide for hours of entertainment. Jumper is a full size 13'x13' This Unit has a full roof for shade, safety netting on all sides for easy viewing and ventilation and safety entrance to prevent children from jumping out. 3 Years and Up!

$275.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Kids Rainbow Combo with Pool

Kids Rainbow Combo 1

Castle Wet/Dry Combo unit gives summertime kids? parties the fun and excitement of a jump house and the thrill of a slippery wet waterslide! Our castle moonwalk bouncer rental has a 13?x13? bounce area, a single water slide into a splash pool Great for a birthday party! Get the value of a jump house bouncer and a water slide all for one affordable price. 3 Years to 12 years Only!

$250.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Kids Tropical Combo with Pool

Kids Tropical Combo 1

Wet and Dry combo to make it safe for riders. Features beautiful Palm Trees, bouncing area, climber, water misting system, slide, and a pool at the end. Great for those Hawaiian theme Luau party and events. Regular Garden Hose needed to setup location, we provide water mister. 3 Years to 12 years Only!

$250.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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The Little Dragon

10ft Water Slide

Based off an old Chinese children story, it was told to kids since the 9th century. It was about a little fish determined to Jump over a tall gate. The waterslide is a 10ft tall 16ft long 6ft wide unit. The kids climb up from the back wall to come crashing down in a pool of cool water. 4 years and up!

Wet Slide $150.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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12ft Lil Splash with Pool

Lil Splash 1

The Lil Splash water slide is the perfect addition to any summer party, or to bring some sunshine to any celebration! The slide takes participants up from the backside climb, to a fast slide that puts riders in a puddle splash pool. Riders climb to 12 feet, where a No-Jump Top makes them slide down correctly, keeping them safe and secure. A friendly Blue water mark theme lets the Lil Splash fit in to any décor and is sure to make a eye-catching addition to any party rental or playground . Wet or Dry Uses! 4 years to 10 years Only!

$175.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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30ft Slip N Slide

An amazing amount of fun, unlike the slip n slide we had as a kid... You may remember the paper thin piece of plastic you laid on the ground which was hard to stay moist. With ours, you get a 30ft tunnel wet water fast action. So run, slide and try to see if you make it to the end and hit the big stopper wall! Keep the kids and adults entertained for hours.

30ft long 8ft high 8 ft. wide age's 5 years and up!

$175.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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32ft Tropical Double Lane Slip and Slide with Pool

Tropical Double Lane 1

You won't find a more beautiful Slip 'N' Dip anywhere. This tropical dual lane slide is 32' feet of watery fun. Riders scream down their own separate lanes until landing in the attached long pool. A great way to spend a summer afternoon. Great for 7 years and Up!

$250.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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18ft Under The Sea Water Slide with Pool "Wet/Dry"

18ft Under the Sea Water Slide

Welcome to under the sea where it is cold and bright blue fill with colors. This Tall Slide is one amazing Waterslide with a Big Slash down pool. Great fun for 3 years and up!

$225.00 plus Tax and Delivery

27ft L 11ft W 18ft H

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18ft Snow Resort Slide with Pool "Features Customization Slide"

Cooling off your hot summer with our 18' Snow Resort Single Lane Wet/Dry slide. Ultimate combination of wall climbing and slide with splash pool that creates endless summer or Winter fun. It also can be used as a dry slide at whenever. Front load design is easily to monitoring of riders and above overhead net to prevent jumping from the top and slide down with a safety bumper wall at the pool end. It is spark of light in any backyard or event to make eyes catching addition and bring excitement to every child in summer party. Riders climb up slide down the single lane slide down to the pool at the end to provide for an extra splash of fun.To satisfy everyone comes together and enjoying their joyful time combination of all funs and more. The Slide can also be use during the winter months for Holiday Parties and Events with the pool filled with ball pit balls! Dimension: 27'L X 12.5'W X 18'H Ages 3 and up!

Customize Your Slide to your Event


Wet APR. TO SEPT. $295.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

With Fake Snow in the Pool for Winter and Holiday Event/Parties CALL FOR PRICING!

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Wild Rapids Waterslide with Air Tubes


21ft Tall Water Slide with multiple bumps, this waterside will truly bring the rapids to your next event. Your guest will have a blast as they slide down twisting and turn to the end. Optional water tubes available for use with this unit. Great for 5 years and up!

$475.00 plus tax and delivery!

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