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Bounce House Rentals from The Train Quest

Want an attraction for your next birthday party, school or church fair or other event that’s sure to entertain the guests for hours? Tired of trying to get kids to play party games? Try a bounce house rental from The Train Quest instead!

Since temporary inflatable structures like bounce houses are easy to transport and store, a bounce house (also known as a bouncy castle) is portable enough to be delivered almost anywhere. Our bounce houses are made of durable material and set up by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Smiley Bounce House

The Smiley is one of our bigger models. This bounce house measures 13ft by 13ft wide by 15ft tall, and it’s called the “Smiley Bounce House” or “Smiley Moonwalk” because of the smiley faces that decorate the front. Watch the action and see how contagious those smiles are to the kids jumping inside this happy bounce house! This inflatable attraction has been known to entertain kids of all ages for hours.

A Smiley Bounce House rental from the Train Quest costs just $100 plus tax and delivery for an all day all night rental.

HD Bounce House

The HD Bounce House or Moonwalk is a lot like the Smiley Bounce House, but it is a more heavy duty model. The HD is the same size as the Smiley, at 13ft by 13ft wide by 15ft tall, and is a perfect bounce house for kids of all ages.

An HD Bounce House rental from the Train Quest costs $120 plus tax and delivery charges for an all day all night rental.

Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide

The Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide is a huge hit with the kids and a no-brainer for any birthday party, school or church fair, or any event where kids will be present. The only problem is getting children out of this kid magnet of a bounce house once it’s time to go home!

This bounce house with its attached slide is colorful and so eye-catching that it’s sure to be the main attraction at your event. Kids can climb up and slide down over and over for hours of fun. And since the Mini Combo is safe for children ages 1 year old and up, all your partygoers can enjoy it.

The Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide is smaller than our other bounce houses – it measures 12ft wide by 14ft long by 9ft tall – but it’s big enough to provide lots of fun to all your guests. Renting the Mini Combo Bounce House from the Train Quest costs $150 plus tax and delivery.

If you’re planning a party and you want an activity that is always a hit, just rent a bounce house from The Train Quest. Our bounce houses make any event the best party ever. And our friendly staff will help you every step of the way – from placing your order, to setting up your bounce house, to packing it up at the end of the day. Rent a bounce house from us, and you’ll never subject your guests to another boring party game again!

Go Karts for Party Rental

Make a child’s dream come true when you rent these miniature go karts for your kid’s next birthday party or school event! What little boy or girl wouldn’t love to race along in a go kart that’s just his or her size? The Train Quest offers mini go karts for rent for parties and other children’s events, as well as our friendly staff to help with delivery, setup, breakdown and even directing traffic.

Mini go karts make fun parties downright thrilling!

Our go karts are electronic, race in an inflatable race track, and can go at speeds up to 9 mph – the top speed depends on the driver’s weight. We recommend these go karts for use by drivers from about 5 years old to about 12 years old. And since the race track is inflatable, it’s easy to transport to your party site.

Of course, safety is our top concern. Only two drivers are allowed to race our mini go karts at a time due to safety standards. And we also provide a “driving coach” with a whistle to help keep the fun going smoothly and direct the traffic. Little drivers only need to obey two simple rules if they want to enjoy our go karts: One blow on the whistle means “go” and two blows means “stop.”

Kids race the tiny go karts in a colorful inflatable race track that measures 42 feet by 22 feet and has high sides to keep young drivers safe. The race track must be set up on a smooth flat surface such as cement or pavement.

Rent a mini go kart for your birthday party or other event

To give your children’s birthday party guests the thrill of their young lives, rent miniature go karts and an inflatable race track from The Train Quest. The kids will enjoy racing around the track, and the adults at the party will enjoy their little ones’ squeals of excitement as they drive like “real” racecar drivers. Mini go kart racing is almost as much fun for parents to watch as it is for kids to participate in!

Besides birthdays, mini go kart and inflatable race track rentals are great for many other kinds of events – such as church events, school fairs, vacation bible school parties, and basically any event where there will be young kids who have a need for speed! So leave those old and tired party games behind and give kids a fast-paced party they’ll remember for years to come.

A mini go kart rental from The Train Quest starts at $300.00 and up. Contact The Train Quest to find out more about go kart rental and to make your reservation.

Inflatable Putt Putt Golf Course for Party Rental

When you think of inflatables for party rental, you probably think of a bouncy castle, right? But The Train Quest’s inflatable attractions and rental games aren’t limited to bounce houses, moonwalks and inflatable waterslides. Did you know that we also offer an inflatable Putt Putt golf course for rent? The Train Quest is one of a small number of companies to offer this unique inflatable rental party game that’s rapidly growing in popularity.

That’s right: We have an inflatable Putt Putt mini golf course that you can actually walk and play on. It’s easy to play, and can be set up indoors or outside. It’s no wonder that our inflatable mini golf course is getting more popular all the time!

Mini golf fun for all ages

Our inflatable Putt Putt golf course provides good, clean, safe fun for players from ages 3 and up, and up to 10 people can be playing on the course at a time. You don’t have to be a golf expert or a golfer at all to enjoy mini golf fun! Even the youngest players will quickly learn the rules and get into the game. That means our inflatable miniature golf game is a great activity for the whole family!

All our Putt Putt golf course requires is a flat surface to be set up on – whether grass, dirt, pavement or cement. And of course it needs enough space: The inflatable Putt Putt golf course we offer measures 35 feet by 25 feet and is a 9-hole mini golf course. And our inflatable Putt Putt golf course even has whimsical inflatable palm trees! It’s a colorful and eye-catching attraction that’s just good fun for everyone.

Renting the inflatable Putt Putt Golf Course is $275 plus tax and delivery.

The Putt Putt golf course that comes to you

Everybody knows that miniature golf is a great choice for birthday parties, church outings, school field trips and even corporate office parties. But why take your party to a mini golf facility when the Putt Putt golf course can come to your party?

The Train Quest’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will oversee the setup, use and breakdown of the inflatable Putt Putt golf course, making the process easier and even a pleasure for stressed-out party planners. And your guests will enjoy Putt Putt fun in the privacy of your backyard – or wherever you choose!

So contact The Train Quest to reserve an inflatable Putt Putt mini golf course for your next birthday party, office party, school or church fair or other event – whether indoors or outdoors. It’s sure to be a popular choice for all your guests – of all ages!

Mini golf fun for all ages

Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide

This lovely, colorful moonwalk is sure to be the centerpiece of your party or event. The Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide moonwalk is great for climbing up and sliding down, and is safe for children ages 1 year old and up. Let this moonwalk’s vibrant colors set the tone for your festivities – but be warned that once kids get in, they may not want to leave the Mini Combo Bounce House / Moonwalk with Slide!

The Mini Combo moonwalk is smaller than the other moonwalks you can rent from The Train Quest, since it measures 12ft wide by 14ft long by 9ft tall. Renting the Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide from the Train Quest costs $150 plus tax and delivery.

Our moonwalks are as durable as they are fun, and you’ll love our friendly staff – who will help you with your moonwalk rental every step of the way. So why waste your time with Pin the Tail on the Donkey or other lame party games? Choose an activity that everyone will love and that will entertain your guests for hours – a moonwalk from The Train Quest!