Christmas Party Rentals

You know The Train Quest has everything you need under the sun for spring or summer parties or fall carnivals, but how about Christmas party rentals? Let us do our magic to create a white Christmas and plenty of holiday cheer for your party, even in sunny Texas!

Giant Texas Snow Dome

Want to play in the snow…in Texas? Check out our 20×20-foot Giant Texas Snow Dome! Set it up indoors or outdoors, fill it with 300-500 gallons of fake non-toxic snow that’s even cool to the touch, and enter a winter wonderland.

Our Snow Dome has non-slip carpet so it’s safe for guests of all ages, and we have an optional large air conditioning system to help keep our Snow Dome cool and comfy on warm days. We can even have it snow inside the dome for a more realistic experience — so let it snow at your next Christmas party!

Santa Sumo Suits

For a Christmas party attraction that’s as funny to watch as it is to do, try our inflatable “Santa Sumo Suits.” You get not only the sumo suits but also a mat to guarantee you a soft landing! It’s hilarious sumo wrestling fun with a holiday twist for ages 12 and up.

Christmas Holiday Party Games

To complete your Christmas holiday party rental and create more fun activities, how about some of our fun holiday games such as Christmas-themed beanbag toss games? These games are $10 each to rent plus taxes and delivery. For the Giant Texas Snow Dome or Santa Sumo Suits with mat, please call us for pricing and booking.

Whether you’re planning your annual company holiday get-together or a “Christmas in July” themed party, we have everything you need to create that holiday cheer! Reserve your event today or call us at (512) 971-2664 for more information.

Winter Wonderland Poster