It's what we do best our, trains is a concept from the old days of Coney Island. A peddle train is where the kids movie them self's with a hand crank. The faster you move crank the faster you go... We have up to 5 trains total. We keep a staff member there at all times, to make sure the kids are safe.... You must be at least 3yrs to 12yrs of age to ride the train. We setup a 25ft circle mini train track, so you will need about 30ft x 30ft of space to run the train. Also it must be setup on a flat surface, rock, grass, dirt, pavement will do. Be sure to click on the youtube video to see how it works.

Starting at $225.00 and up!

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Trackless Train/Thomas


This Trackless Train rental has grown from a want to a must have!!! Trackless train rentals are forever timeless machines and children are drawn to them automatically. Children & Adults are instantly attracted to the The Train Quest trackless train rental and the best part of it all if that mom and dad can ride it too!!! So allllllll aboard & get ready to ride The Train Quest Express! Book your party train rental today! This train can carry children 8 or 12 Small toddlers or up 8 adults per ride cycle.

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Church Events,School Events, HOA Events Holiday Parades, Family Reunions Ages 1 years and up!

Call for pricing!

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Paddle Boats

The paddle boats are a one of kind attraction, with four boat and 20ft x 20ft low profile pool. The water that is in the pool is about 2ft deep. Just like our famous Kidde Train you have to move with your own power. This boat gives your child plenty or exercise as they play. We recommend 3yrs to 12yrs of age or up to 130 pounds. This must be place on a flat surface, grass, dirt, cement or pavement.

Starting at $300.00 and up!

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Life Size Rock'em Sock'em Robots


Boxer Jocks 2

A fresh concept in the art of boxing simulation "Life Size Rock'em Sock'em Robots"® A game of skill as well as an exciting thrill ride all rolled into one. Each rider enters the Robots to find himself/herself encased in a suit of steel armor ready to do battle. Totally safe and easily operated by riders of all ages. Complete maneuverability allows strategic positioning of each robot via dual joystick control. Punch-buttons located upon each joystick allow the rider to punch at will either arm. A digital display keeps the tally of each riders score as the match continues until a victor, who gains the highest offensive score, wins the match! *Must be on pavement or cement surface. Outside Only!

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Wizzer Carnival Ride

whizzer 2

The Wizzer (Whizzer) is a self propelled spinning carnival ride available from The Train Quest LLC. This is great for your next event, whether that's a company picnic, carnival, or church festival. Great for 8 years and up!

Call for pricing!

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Barrel of Fun


Each oversized barrel seats a family of four comfortably. As the center of the ride slowly rotates, riders can control the spin speed of their barrel using the giant turntable inside. Great for 5 years and up!

Call for pricing!

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The Derby Ride


The One and Only Every to be Built, One Of the Largest Inflatables You will ever see in person. This Giant inflatable is nearly 4 Stories Tall with 175 ft long Race Track! You have 2 Soap Box Cars Racer hauling down an Inflatable hill which give you the feeling of a roller coaster ride or bobsled ride! Only For Large Events and Fairs!

Call for details and pricing!

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Parachute Ride

Airborn Adventure 2

Soft and safe landing!!! Now booking!!!

3 years and up! No More the 180 pounds!! $275 plus Tax and Delivery

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Water Walking Balls

You are put inside of a 7ft clear ball then pushed into a large shallow pool 20ft x20ft. Good luck you’re going to need it trying to walk on water it is tuff to do. Your quest will have fun watching you or the kids falling on your face and back. The joy of watching it is fun in itself. Very safe with our Train Quest staff helping to keep your event in line with all the safety standards of this attraction! You are zipped inside the ball water tight filled with air and then pushed in the pool.

5 years and up!

$400.00 and up!

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Carnival Dunk Booth


Looking for a clean and safe way to have fun. Climb into our booth of wet fun. See your boss or school teacher get dunked. Great for fundraisers, birthday parties, company picnic, and family reunions! Age's 8 years and up!

$275.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Midway Games

Create the ultimate carnival experience with a Carnival Midway. Booths, games, and prizes, participants can get a feel of the Boardwalk as they try winning at one of the four games in the inflated game booths. Each game is 3ft w x 5ft tall 5ft long 4 and up!

$100.00 each all four $400.00 plus tax and delivery!

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The Fishing Hole (Fish Game)


Great game for schools, churches, day cares, backyard parties, you name it. The fish is battery operated with on/off switch. The mouth open and close when the fish swims. If the magnetic fishing hook caught the fish's mouth, the fish will wiggle just like a live fish does. Place the BASS into water, The BASS will float after water gets into the body. The fisherman tries to put the bait near the mouth of the BASS to catch it. There are no hooks or nasty worms to deal with here. If the BASS is caught, Its tail will move and shake all about like a real fish! A Magnet is embedded within the bait which triggers the fish to turn on. It comes with 5ft x 8ft pool 10 kids size fishing chairs and 10 fishing poles 10 fish or more also a Pop-up Tent to cover up the kiddos.. We also can fish at night if need and have a small light show in the pond. For 5 years and up!

$250.00 plus Tax and Delivery Rental is All Day All Night!

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One Pound Milk Bottle Game


One-Pound Milk Bottle. Great fun for a carnival, stack a few of these together ? take aim and knock ?em over! Aluminum. 8" Great For School Carnivals and Birthday Parties Includes 6 Bottles with 3 Soft Balls 5 years and up!

$40.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!
*Note Must Have a $100.00 or more Order with this Rental*

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The Giant Purple Monster 20ft Slide Dry Slide

What a treat, what a treat, this slide is really big. Don't be fooled by the photo here. She is a tall monster you climb up this steep hill to come rushing down a very safe cushion. What a monster she is! 20ft tall 16ft wide 26ft long Wow! 5 years and up!

$325.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Ticket Booth 5x5ft Tent


When you need a Ticket Booth Fast. We have a the solution are fast pop-up tent 5x5ft with Big Bright Letters to Get the point across.

$75.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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