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Trackless Train/Thomas


This Trackless Train rental has grown from a want to a must have!!! Trackless train rentals are forever timeless machines and children are drawn to them automatically. Children & Adults are instantly attracted to the The Train Quest trackless train rental and the best part of it all if that mom and dad can ride it too!!! So allllllll aboard & get ready to ride The Train Quest Express! Book your party train rental today! This train can carry children 8 or 12 Small toddlers or up 8 adults per ride cycle.

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Church Events,School Events, HOA Events Holiday Parades, Family Reunions Ages 1 years and up! Please Call for pricing.

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Wizzer Carnival Ride

whizzer 2

The Wizzer (Whizzer) is a self propelled spinning carnival ride available from The Train Quest LLC. This is great for your next event, whether that's a company picnic, carnival, or church festival. Great for 8 years and up! Call For Pricing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQKVtfwD3ck

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Barrel of Fun


Each oversized barrel seats a family of four comfortably. As the center of the ride slowly rotates, riders can control the spin speed of their barrel using the giant turntable inside. Great for 5 years and up! Call for Pricing!

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The Arena/Ice Attack

The Arena 1

Bring your friends together with an out of this world experience! An extraterrestrial, interactive Arena with which you take on your friends and truly find out who is the best. Moreover, you can play this game 1 on 1 or with 2 teams of 2 players. Get an out of this world experience now! This inflatable will challenge your hand-eye coordination, endurance and strength. Furthermore you will have 3x more fun than in a ?regular? bounce house or attraction and has an amazing design. Great for 5 years and up! Call For Pricing!

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Wild Rapids Waterslide with Air Tubes


21ft Tall Water Slide with multiple bumps, this waterside will truly bring the rapids to your next event. Your guest will have a blast as they slide down twisting and turn to the end. Optional water tubes available for use with this unit. Great for 5 years and up! $475.00 plus tax and delivery!

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Laser Tag with Inflatable Maze Arena


Step into this 8ft x 18ft x 32ft inflatable laser tag maze and try your best at dodging your opponents lasers while trying to locate and shoot them, or leave out the laser guns and just have fun sneaking around and playing in this huge maze. up to Ten Players at a Time! Great for 4 years to 10 years Only! $325.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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32ft Tropical Double Lane Slip and Slide with Pool

Tropical Double Lane 1

You won't find a more beautiful Slip 'N' Dip anywhere. This tropical dual lane slide is 32' feet of watery fun. Riders scream down their own separate lanes until landing in the attached long pool. A great way to spend a summer afternoon. Great for 7 years and Up! $275.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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12ft Lil Splash with Pool

Lil Splash 1

The Lil Splash water slide is the perfect addition to any summer party, or to bring some sunshine to any celebration! The slide takes participants up from the backside climb, to a fast slide that puts riders in a puddle splash pool. Riders climb to 12 feet, where a No-Jump Top makes them slide down correctly, keeping them safe and secure. A friendly Blue water mark theme lets the Lil Splash fit in to any décor and is sure to make a eye-catching addition to any party rental or playground . Wet or Dry Uses! 4 years to 10 years Only! $175.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Kids Tropical Combo with Pool

Kids Tropical Combo 1

Wet and Dry combo to make it safe for riders. Features beautiful Palm Trees, bouncing area, climber, water misting system, slide, and a pool at the end. Great for those Hawaiian theme Luau party and events. Regular Garden Hose needed to setup location, we provide water mister. 3 Years to 12 years Only! $250.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Kids Rainbow Combo with Pool

Kids Rainbow Combo 1

Castle Wet/Dry Combo unit gives summertime kids? parties the fun and excitement of a jump house and the thrill of a slippery wet waterslide! Our castle moonwalk bouncer rental has a 13?x13? bounce area, a single water slide into a splash pool Great for a birthday party! Get the value of a jump house bouncer and a water slide all for one affordable price. 3 Years to 12 years Only! $250.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Kingdom Combo with Pool WET or Dry!


Vibrant colors, open/ airy feel, The Just Right - Slide compliment the Kingdom Combo . This full size bounce house has interior basketball hoop plus pop-up and ladder which leads to the slide for hours of entertainment. Jumper is a full size 13'x13' This Unit has a full roof for shade, safety netting on all sides for easy viewing and ventilation and safety entrance to prevent children from jumping out. 3 Years and Up! $275.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Mini Margarita Machine


The smallest two bowl frozen drink machine in the world

Features2.5 liter bowls (X2) for moderate volume applications

The Mini Margarita is the lightest dual bowl professional slush machine on the market.

Simple LCD control functions for reliability and cost efficient maintenance

LED lighted bowl for each side. Variable consistency control for perfect slush with any product

Consistency control does not vary between each bowl. Include Mix for small party if need more please call for extra. $75.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Shaved Ice Machine


Are you looking for the ULTIMATE Shaved Ice Machine for home use and parties? Have you ever wanted to enjoy the same high quality shaved ice that you get from your local shaved Ice Stand without leaving your home? Then our shaved ice machine was engineered with you in mind. Perfect ice shaver or snow cone maker for your kid?s birthday or Summer barbecues and holiday parties. You can Say no to hand cranking, or weak motors and blades that fill a cup with crunchy ice chips. Our Shaved ice has the texture of freshly fallen snow fluffy and soft. $75.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Throne Chairs and Sofas

Throne Chair 1

Oversized throne chair. This is a great piece for recognizing someone special. Often used for bachelor / bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthdays, photo ops, or anything that demands a center of attention.
Chairs $175.00 plus Tax and Delivery!
Sofas $275.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Beer Pong Table


Take beer pong to a whole new level with the 6.5' Glowing Beer Pong Table. Turn out the lights and step-up your game with this neon green and blue table, which features a light-up edge that keeps the game going.

* 6.5' Glowing Beer Pong Game Table

* Cups NOT included

* To clean: Wipe off with a damp rag & immediately dry

$25.00 Plus Tax and Delivery

Must order over $100.00 to make delivery!

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Carnival Dunk Booth


Looking for a clean and safe way to have fun. Climb into our booth of wet fun. See your boss or school teacher get dunked. Great for fundraisers, birthday parties, company picnic, and family reunions! Age's 8 years and up!

$275.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Back Yard Soccer Field


Inflatable Soccer Field! Great for parties, barbecues, and events, kids can stay active for hours of playtime outside while practicing their sports skills. Players have a full, mini soccer field complete with 2 goals and field markings to compete for the backyard cup! Recommended for children 3 to 8 years old. Measures 312"L x 168"W x 42"H Includes 1 Soccer Ball.

$75.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Multi Sport Back Yard Toss Game


Great for parties, barbecues, and events, kids can stay active for hours of playtime outside while practicing their sports skills. Try your hand at 3 different games: Baseball, football, or soccer! Players throw or kick the ball at the target area and try to get the ball through one of the target holes. Kids can simply practice with drills or make up games with their friends! Recommended for children 3 to 8 years old. Measures 144"l x 126"w x 91"h. Includes Balls for The Games.

$75.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

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Snow Field 20x20ft


A large "Snow Field" with Artificial Snow Great for Holiday and Winter Event/Parties. To See the kids lose there mind over a snow party is blast to see their faces. 20ft x 20ft Area full of Snow.

4 years and up! Call For Pricing!

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Professional Grade Snow Machine


This Large Snow Machine is an enhanced version of Smaller Unit we offer but with a large capacity plus ?Silent? operation housed in a durable road case with wheels and features a 5.2 gallon (20 Liter) capacity fluid tank, a 65.6 foot (20 meter) long air hose for easy rigging on a stand or truss, and adjustable wind volume and flow rates. The road case features a small access door for the air hose so can the case can closed when in use for "Silent" operation. Great for Large Event and Snow Party!

Call For Pricing!

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Carnival Swing Ride


Rent a swing ride for the classic carnival experience. Our swing ride is a full sized 16 person swing ride. This is a very fun and fast ride for everyone. This is sized appropriately for kids and adults up to 250 pounds. Don't settle for a small swing ride, get the best! Call for Detail Info About Ride and Also Pricing!

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The Derby Ride


The One and Only Every to be Built, One Of the Largest Inflatables You will ever see in person. This Giant inflatable is nearly 4 Stories Tall with 175 ft long Race Track! You have 2 Soap Box Cars Racer hauling down an Inflatable hill which give you the feeling of a roller coaster ride or bobsled ride! Call for Detail Info and Also Pricing! Only For Large Events and Fairs!

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Disco Dome


Includes speakers and disco lighting The best high quality Disco Dome around! Perfect for Teens/Adults, Christmas parties, Birthdays, Private events, Weddings,Charity events, Christenings, Corporate events and much much more Includes sound system Lights and Bluetooth etc. Bouncy floor Weather proof so if its raining the party can still go ahead Call for Pricing

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Giant Red Sofa


This is a site to see.. A great Photo opp used for the Holiday Party at the office or Schools and Churches. It comes with 2 Christmas Trees 6ft Sofa 8ft x 11ft x 6ft. $550.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Oldies Popcorn and Candy Station Machines


If you are having an oldies party check out our new Classic Retro Machine's. Fun add on to any party! Great idea for 50's, 60's and 70's Parties! A must have for your new party! Lights up Just like ones in the old days!
Popcorn Machine $125.00 w/o supplies
Candy Station $125.00 w/o supplies

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Ticket Booth 5x5ft Tent


When you need a Ticket Booth Fast. We have a the solution are fast pop-up tent 5x5ft with Big Bright Letters to Get the point across. $75.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Pure Fog Machine


Great for Halloween parties and New Years Parties come with a Fog Juice! $40.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Fog Bubbler Machine


Fun party addition for all kind of parties like New Years, and Halloween etc. Come with Fog Juice! $45.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Tortoise and Hare Racers


Who remembers the old story Tortoise and Hare? Have small children play the real story in real life with the new race game. It come with 42x22x8ft Race Track 3 Tortoise and 3 Hare Racers. Great use for Small Kids ages 2 yrs to 4 yrs olds. only! $250.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Holiday Dancing Machine


Having a party and you what to get some attention. Check Our 10ft Holiday dancer! $75.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift or Valentine's Day Gift your pick or a surprise party. Big Red Bow and Ribbons make a delightful Gift. $250.00 Plus Tax and Delivery!

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Midway Games

Create the ultimate carnival experience with a Carnival Midway. Booths, games, and prizes, participants can get a feel of the Boardwalk as they try winning at one of the four games in the inflated game booths. Each game is 3ft w x 5ft tall 5ft long 4 and up! $100.00 each all four $400.00 plus tax and delivery!

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The perfect way to combine active fun with a stimulating learning environment. Young players will engage in a trio of educational games including a shape activity with Mickey Mouse, matching colors in the large ball pond for a stand-out unit that will keep them coming. This licensed Mickey Toddler Bouncer is exclusively from The Train Quest.

The bounce house is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any Party or Event! With a bight colors, shapes our moonwalks offer kids exciting aerobic activity. Ages 1 to 4 years $160.00 plus tax and delivery!

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Keep your little one entertained with hours of building fun with this jumbo 500 PC. block set from Kids Adventure. This set includes 160 8x8" blocks and 32 4x4" blocks in classic colors. The interlock design and durable plastic construction help ensure building is easy for little hands. Ages 2 years and up! $75.00 plus tax and delivery!

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Less expensive and safe alternative to a Dunk Tank.

Great for all ages! Draws a crowd. Clean fill of water, holds up to 5 quarts of water! Assembled in the U.S.A.

Perfect for fundraisers, rentals, churches, schools, park districts, camps, boys & girls club, any party, company picnics, special events and backyard fun. 5 Years and up! $120.00 plus tax and delivery

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18ft Under The Sea Water Slide with Pool "Wet/Dry"

18ft Under the Sea Water Slide

Welcome to under the sea where it is cold and bright blue fill with colors. This Tall Slide is one amazing Waterslide with a Big Slash down pool. Great fun for 3 years and up!

$275.00 Plus Tax and Delivery

27ft L 11ft W 18ft H

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18ft Snow Resort Slide with Pool "Features Customization Slide"

Cooling off your hot summer with our 18' Snow Resort Single Lane Wet/Dry slide. Ultimate combination of wall climbing and slide with splash pool that creates endless summer or Winter fun. It also can be used as a dry slide at whenever. Front load design is easily to monitoring of riders and above overhead net to prevent jumping from the top and slide down with a safety bumper wall at the pool end. It is spark of light in any backyard or event to make eyes catching addition and bring excitement to every child in summer party. Riders climb up slide down the single lane slide down to the pool at the end to provide for an extra splash of fun.To satisfy everyone comes together and enjoying their joyful time combination of all funs and more. The Slide can also be use during the winter months for Holiday Parties and Events with the pool filled with Snow! Dimension: 27'L X 12.5'W X 18'H Ages 3 and up!

Customize Your Slide to your Event


Wet APRL TO SEPT. $295.00 plus Tax and Delivery!

With Fake Snow in the Pool for Winter and Holiday Event/Parties CALL FOR PRICING!

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The Big Boom "Bluetooth Speaker 4/12 in Woofers Lights and Mic"

When you want music and have no DJ then this Big Speaker with do the Job for You. Has Lights and Speakers, FM Radio ,Bluetooth etc. Very Loud and sounds very clear, Works Great with music on cell phones and computers/tablets.

$75.00 plus Tax and Delivery

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Parachute Ride

Airborn Adventure 2

Soft and safe landing!!! Now booking!!!

3 years and up! No More the 180 pounds!! Starting at $200.00 an Hour. **2 Hours or More is Required**

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Stainless Steel Deep Fryer, 6-Liter

fryer 2 fryer

The "Cuisinairre" Deep Fat Fryer features commercial restaurant grade Brushed Stainless Steel construction with a 1750 Watt immersion heating element, heavy duty stainless steel fryer basket, polished stainless steel lid cover and 6-Liter stainless steel cooking oil tank. 6-Liters total oil capacity. Thermostat automatically maintains temperature from 140F to 392F (60C to 200C). Dial reads in Centigrade (60C to 200C). Conversion chart from Centigrade to Fahrenheit is included with directions. Electrical cord plugs into common 2 prong plug with ground. IMPORTANT: At highest temperature setting on a 110/115 Volt circuit, the commercial rated heating element pulls just less than 22 amps. To keep from tripping the breaker, you must plug this fryer into an outlet connected to a 20 Amp dedicated circuit or higher. If you are planning on using a 20 Amp circuit, no other items can be plugged into the same outlet or be on the same circuit. If you will be using a 25 Amp or 30 Amp Circuit, certain other electrical items can be on the same circuit, depending on their current draw.

$40.00 plus tax and Delivery

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Bear Stuffing Parties

bear stuffing parties

Bear Stuffing Parties at: Birthday Parties, High School Post Prom and Project, Grads, College Events, Corporate Promotions Company Parties, Holiday Parties Fundraisers Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Summer Camp Arts and Crafts projects, Baby Showers and more? The list goes on and on and on!

The "Create your own Bear" or "Teddy Bear Building" is an interactive and magical experience for your child birthday party. It is a concept that has proven to be successful and extremely fun? World Wide! The "Create your own Bear" or "Stuff your own Plush" party is not a fad; the experience has been in retail existence for over 10 years and now it can come right to you! The animals you bring to life are collectibles, and the hands on experience is priceless! You are not only creating a new friend, you are providing an interactive form of entertainment that is FUN! This form of entertainment has no limitation to its participants; it is enjoyed by toddlers, adolescents, teens, adults and seniors! The "Create your own Bear" or "Stuff your own Plush" experience is indeed magical !Imagine your event with the Build a stuffed bear work shop concept. This is not one of those stuff it with a pencil parties. The Bear in the box takes care of the hard work for you! You control how much stuffing goes in and its all done by our bear in the box. And you don't have to drag all the kids to the mall. You create your " BEAR" Your event will run smooth and your guest will remember your event for years. Kids , children's party games are more fun when they include a new stuffed friend . No kid birthday party is complete without some real fun! Let us know if you have a build a bear coupon for build a bear cloths and we will offer a similar coupon if possible.

We are this areas Original Portable Bear Party! Planning a Birthday Party? Your Bear Stuffing Party will include Our Bear in a Box Stuffing Machine operated by our Bear Maker who will help create a fun, Memorable experience for all! Each Bear made is $15.99 and includes: The animal with stuffing, a Birth Certificate for you to fill out. Outfits and accessories are available at extra charge (only $7.99 each when you book a party!).

Sales tax extra. A minimum charge is required based on distance. Discounts available for extra large events. Many of the animals shown below are available at our Bear Building parties. We Bring along a great selection.Now Available Call for Custom Package Pricing.

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Zonk Bonk Zocker

Let's talk about fun, like running into you opponent on purpose while playing a friendly game of soccer,Umm that is Zocker. An new concept developed by the brainy staff of The Train Quest. A great new way to play in the backyard or a open field at school carnival. You will be able to play Red Team or Blue Team up to 20 player at a time. Ages 5 year and up!

Starting at $350.00 plus tax and delivery!

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Dog Tag 2Dodge TagDodge Tag 3

A new twist on the classic game of DodgeBall.

Fun, safe and non-violent. Helps kids learn hand-eye coordination, timing and encourages active play. Easy to take anywhere!Dodge Tag is the ultimate 20-player DodgeBall game! Each player wears an air mesh vest and picks 3 balls. Players throw the soft, safe balls and try to stick them to their opponent?s vests. Run, dodge and throw. If the ball sticks, it?s a hit! Kids will love this fast paced, action-packed game. Includes 20 adjustable air-mesh vests and 60 soft, safe dodgeballs. Winner of the Family Fun T.O.Y. Award, Parent?s Magazine Best Toy Award, Learning Express Best Boys Toy and Fun Fare Best Toy Award. Ages 5 and up!

$250.00 for 2 hours...after the first 2 hours $50.00 an hour!

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Pucker Powder Candy Art

Bring your favorite destination candy, Pucker Powder, to your next celebration! With mouth watering selections to suit every sweet tooth, the Pucker Powder Custom Candy Kit brings a carnival of interactive fun to any party or event. The colorful box it comes in is especially designed to store and easily dispense three fabulous flavors. Your kit will include an assortment of 5 Pucker Powder Candy Flavors (Sour Lemonade, Sweet Strawberry, and Sour Fruit Punch etc.) so every party guest can make their own custom blend of "Yum!" A great value with 30 Pucker Tubes and 30 Funnels and Caps, the kit is an abundance of awesome as a boredom busting activity and take-home party favor-all in one decorative box! Makes a sweet gift idea that can be replenished with Pucker Powder Custom Candy Kit Refills. More Guest at your Party/Event, feel free to give us a call for your custom party.Starting at $75.00 and up! 3yrs and up!

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Santa Sumu with Soft Mat

santa 2

Once again an exclusive Train Quest concept, OK THREE WORDS...."Santa Sumo Suits" Also you have a mat for soft landing. Great for the Holidays or Have a Christmas in July party/event.. 12 years and up! Call for Pricing.

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Holiday Party Games

Christmas Party Games

Great fun games to help fill your party/event with holiday cheer. All Games are $10.00 each plus taxes and delivery.

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Giant Texas Snow Dome


The Giant Texas Snow Dome 20 x 20 ft Imaging a whole space or a room full of snow to play in Texas Not Happening Right! Wrong now very possible The Train Quest has found a way to make it snow in Texas.The snow dome has safe no slip carpet to help stop injury over 300 to 500 Gallons of none toxic fake snow cool to the touch. Feels and plays like the real thing, also we can have it snow in the dome to make it more realistic. During our hotter month's as an opinewe can include a large conditioning system to help keep cool for play. All Ages This The Only Thing Like This In The World. For More info/Booking Please call us at (512) 971-2664

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Holiday Bouncers

halloween bouncer

We have most holiday Moonwalks, please let our staff know what you are planning and will do are best to help make your party or event great!
(13ft x 13ft 15ft)
$150.00 plus Tax and Delivery
All Day All Night Rental!

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The Snow Mountain


This inflatable snow mountain slide is made for adults and children. It is perfect for simulating a slide down a snow covered mountain when winter conditions are not available. This is a massive attraction and riders board a snow tube for the ride to the bottom of the slide. It is a high throughput piece and is the only one in the United States. It has tremendous WOW factor and for many sliders, it is the only time they will ever have a chance to experience a snow tube. You simply climb up the stairs, sit in your inflatable snow tube and down you come spinning and twisting. Also as you are sliding down you see a stream of colorful light of magic as you are racing down the snow slide just to land into a pile of snow. This slide can be use during the summer as a fun wet waterslide just as well... instead of a pile of snow you splash down into pool of water! This Mountain is 3 story's tall making it one of the tallest slides in America. Age 5 and up!!! We are now Booking... Call for pricing...

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The Queen's Bouncer


This for the little Princess in the house who need that extra touch just for her party. This jumper has a basketball hoop on the inside and outside , what a treat for you little girl's party. 13x13ft

$120.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!

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The Kingdom Bouncer


Red, Yellow, Blue 13x13ft bouncer Great for All Age's Made for Boys and Girls!

$120.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!

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Mr. O. Combo Wet/Dry Slide


Mr. Octopus is a fun and colorful space of excitement, watch your kids eye's light up when they see this Giant Inflatable. Great for Boy and Girl All Age's. 13x20ft

$200.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!

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The Excalibur "Dry Only"


If you are looking for a Giant Castle then you found it. This is a 5 in 1 and a Very Large Unit come with pop-up's and a mini obstacle course built in it. A 15ft Tall Dry Slide. This is a very cool inflatable and a Very Cool Adventure. 11x15x20ft. Great for 3 years and up!

$380.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is Day Rental Only!

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The Old Lady in The Shoe "Dry Slide Only"


Who remembers about the old lady in the shoe. Well now you can relive the story in real life and climb , play and slide in this classic story. 8x19x17ft. Great for 5 years and up!

$400.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is Day Rental Only!

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The Fishing Hole (Fish Game)


Great game for schools, churches, day cares, backyard parties, you name it. The fish is battery operated with on/off switch. The mouth open and close when the fish swims. If the magnetic fishing hook caught the fish's mouth, the fish will wiggle just like a live fish does. Place the BASS into water, The BASS will float after water gets into the body. The fisherman tries to put the bait near the mouth of the BASS to catch it. There are no hooks or nasty worms to deal with here. If the BASS is caught, Its tail will move and shake all about like a real fish! A Magnet is embedded within the bait which triggers the fish to turn on. It comes with 5ft x 8ft pool 10 kids size fishing chairs and 10 fishing poles 10 fish or more also a Pop-up Tent to cover up the kiddos.. We also can fish at night if need and have a small light show in the pond. For 5 years and up!$250.00 plus Tax and Delivery Rental is All Day All Night!

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Nacho/Chilli Cheese Maker


With this unit, you can slow cook your favorite recipes; easily heat your favorite chili and cheese combinations and more. The festive colors make it party-ready, and the removable pot makes after-event cleanup simple. Recipes included so you can get started right away. Slow cook and serve your favorite foodsVariable heat controlRemovable ceramic cooking pot for easy cleanupClear, tempered glass lids for easy viewingStay-cool knobs and handles. For Adult Use Only!

$20.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!

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Single Tap Beer Kegerator


With this beer keg fridge, you'll always have a keg on tap that's ready to dispense cold beer. This full-sized, single-tap kegerator comes with a black tower and guard rail, along with a durable black countertop. Swivel casters make this beer keg refrigerator mobile enough to roll around the house, pool area or anywhere else you're entertaining. Great for Football and Sport's Parties.

Kegerator keeps a keg on tap whenever you need it Beer keg fridge keeps beer cold and ready to dispense Full-sized, single-tap Semi-gloss black tower and guard rail Durable black countertop Beer keg fridge features swivel casters for mobility Does not come with Beer Keg you can order from your local supermarket store who sell beer kegs. For Adults Only!

Please Call For Pricing!
Rental is All Day All Night!

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Bubble Machine


A little dynamo of a bubble machine that really cranks 'em out. This top quality, yet economic bubble machine is plug and play, so you don't have to worry about any complicated setup. Just add bubble solution and you can create thousands of bubbles at the touch of a button! It produces bubbles non-stop and can be used for any occasion from weddings to birthday parties to professional programs.

$25.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!
*Note Must Have a $100.00 or more Order with this Rental*

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One Pound Milk Bottle Game


One-Pound Milk Bottle. Great fun for a carnival, stack a few of these together ? take aim and knock ?em over! Aluminum. 8" Great For School Carnivals and Birthday Parties Includes 6 Bottles with 3 Soft Balls 5 years and up!

$40.00 plus Tax and Delivery
Rental is All Day All Night!
*Note Must Have a $100.00 or more Order with this Rental*

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Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Mini Doughnut Maker 1
This mini donut maker automatically mixes, shapes and cooks 30 mini donuts per batch in minutes. Now you can make delicious homemade donuts without the mess and fuss of frying or turning on an oven. It does not come with supplies but it does come a cook book on how to make these yummy treats. For Adult Use Only! $40.00 plus Tax and Delivery Rental is All Day All Night!
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Life Size Rock'em Sock'em Robots


Boxer Jocks 2

A fresh concept in the art of boxing simulation "Life Size Rock'em Sock'em Robots"® A game of skill as well as an exciting thrill ride all rolled into one. Each rider enters the Robots to find himself/herself encased in a suit of steel armor ready to do battle. Totally safe and easily operated by riders of all ages. Complete maneuverability allows strategic positioning of each robot via dual joystick control. Punch-buttons located upon each joystick allow the rider to punch at will either arm. A digital display keeps the tally of each riders score as the match continues until a victor, who gains the highest offensive score, wins the match! *Must be on pavement or cement surface Outside Only! Coming Soon for Spring 2015

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Stainless Steel Propane Patio Heater

  patio heater 1

The Stainless Steel Propane Patio Heater can heat an area of up to a 115 sq. ft. to help provide a comfortable temperature for your patio. This heater features a durable stainless steel construction and finish. It also features piezoelectric ignition and a control valve to allow for temperature adjustment. 41,000 BTU burner heats up to 115 sq. ft. Piezoelectric ignition Stainless steel housing construction provides durability Adjustable heat control Attractive stainless steel finish Call for Pricing.

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Snow Man Sno Machine

  Snow Man Sno Machine 1
3 Foot Tall well dressed Snowman turns your event into a Winter Wonderland with Snowfall that evaporates as soon as it hits the ground. For Snow to decorate the ground or to play in. Unlike specialized Ski slope machines that produce snow that accumulates. Ours produce a beautiful snowfall like in the movies. Can run 3 to 6 hours at a time.   Starting at $200.00 and up! Price varies on length of the time.
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