Moon Walks

Moonwalks for Party Rental

Moonwalks and other inflatable structures have become more popular than ever, and there’s a good reason why you see them at so many parties and events! Moonwalks keep guests entertained with very little work on the organizer’s part. Once the moonwalk is inflated, the bouncing, sliding, jumping fun can last for hours.
Actually, there are many good reasons to rent a moonwalk for your next birthday party, school or church fair or other function: Moonwalks are a fun and safe form of entertainment that kids and partygoers of all ages love, and moonwalk rental is easy and affordable. So a moonwalk from the Train Quest is sure to be a hit at your next party!
Since it is inflatable, a moonwalk can be delivered almost anywhere and is quick and easy to set up. Moonwalks are popular with kids of any age – and our moonwalks come in different types and sizes, so they can be enjoyed by children as young as one year old.

Smiley Moonwalk

This moonwalk is one of our bigger models, measuring 13ft by 13ft wide by 15ft tall. We call it the “Smiley Moonwalk” because it is decorated with smiley faces all over the front – and those smiles can be contagious to the kids jumping inside! This moonwalk is sure to entertain kids of all ages for hours of fun.
Renting the Smiley Moonwalk from the Train Quest costs just $100 plus tax and delivery for an all day all night rental.

HD Moonwalk

The HD Moonwalk is similar to the Smiley Moonwalk, but is a more heavy duty model with a “beefier” design. It measures 13ft by 13ft wide by 15ft tall, and is an appropriate (and fun) moonwalk for kids of all ages.

Renting an HD Moonwalk from the Train Quest costs $120 plus tax and delivery charges for an all day all night rental.

Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide

This lovely, colorful moonwalk is sure to be the centerpiece of your party or event. The Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide moonwalk is great for climbing up and sliding down, and is safe for children ages 1 year old and up. Let this moonwalk’s vibrant colors set the tone for your festivities – but be warned that once kids get in, they may not want to leave the Mini Combo Bounce House / Moonwalk with Slide!

The Mini Combo moonwalk is smaller than the other moonwalks you can rent from The Train Quest, since it measures 12ft wide by 14ft long by 9ft tall. Renting the Mini Combo Bounce House with Slide from the Train Quest costs $150 plus tax and delivery.

Our moonwalks are as durable as they are fun, and you’ll love our friendly staff – who will help you with your moonwalk rental every step of the way. So why waste your time with Pin the Tail on the Donkey or other lame party games? Choose an activity that everyone will love and that will entertain your guests for hours – a moonwalk from The Train Quest!